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We are dedicated to providing speech therapy that goes beyond traditional approaches. Our mission is to empower parents to cultivate a curious and informed understanding of their child's overall health and its impact on speech and language development. We believe that a strong foundation starts with building a trusting and attuned connection, and embracing and accepting each child's unique journey. Our practice is rooted in the principles of attachment theory and co-regulation valuing connection and relationships as the highest priority.


We celebrate the diverse ways in which each child experiences the world and the diverse ways each child communicates. We prioritize a strengths based, child-led, play based, family centered/guided approach where the family and child's interests, pace, and comfort guide the therapy to facilitate intrinsic motivation. 

With a holistic perspective, we understand that speech and language development are intertwined with all other aspects of well-being. Nutrition, sleep, movement, community, emotional wellness, stress, inflammation, gut health all play essential roles in communication and growth. By addressing these interconnected elements, we pave the way for progress and growth.

We are committed to continuous learning and growth as we know research and information is always evolving. We listen to and honor families' lived experiences. Our practice always remains open to new ideas, research, and evolving methodologies. Through collaboration and communication, we will work together with parents and their child's team to ensure the child's well being is at the heart of each decision. 


At Attunement Holistic Speech Therapy & Health Coaching, co., we embrace acceptance of where our child is at while nurturing their potential to thrive. 

Holistic Speech/Feeding Therapy & Parent Empowerment Coaching

Holistic Speech/Feeding Therapy & Parent Empowerment Coaching

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