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At Attunement Holistic Speech Therapy & Health Coaching, Co. we are dedicated to fostering effective, client-centered communication and cognitive skills and enriching lives through a holistic lens. Our mission is to empower individuals and their families to confidently navigate the complexities of challenges that include speech, cognition, communication and swallowing, ultimately enhancing their overall quality of life.

Guided by our belief in the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, we prioritize a holistic approach to speech therapy. We deeply value the role of nutrition, emotional wellness, community, movement, mindfulness in the recovery process. Through personalized assessment and treatment, we aim to address the multifaceted nature of communication and/or swallowing difficulties, considering the whole client. 

Central to our approach is the principle of client and family-led treatment. We understand that each person's journey is unique, shaped by their experiences, goals, and aspirations. By collaborating closely with our clients and their families, we co-create a therapeutic journey that respects individual preferences and values. This partnership empowers clients to take an active role in their treatment, fostering a sense of ownership and self-advocacy. We believe in client centered care; we attentively listen to the stories, needs and goals and tailor a treatment plan that honors our clients' unique strengths. ​We recognize that a strong support network is essential for progress. We actively engage families in the therapy process, providing them with tools and guidance to create a communication-enhancing environment beyond our sessions.​ We strive to equip our clients with the skills and strategies needed to navigate real-world communication scenarios independently, fostering confidence and autonomy. We believe in the power of ongoing collaboration between our therapists, clients, and families. Regular feedback loops ensure that treatment remains aligned with evolving goals and needs.

Through our commitment to holistic, client/family-led care, we aim for clients to be able to communicate with confidence, authenticity, and connection. 


Adult Offerings 

Speech, Language & Cognitive Evaluations 

We offer speech, language and cognitive evaluations for a variety of different diagnoses including traumatic brain injury, stroke, Parkinson's and many other acquired neurological conditions that may have changed your speech, language and/or cognition. Speech changes could include muscle weakness, slurring speech, reduced articulation coordination and motor planning. Language changes include difficulty with comprehending words/language, difficulty with word finding, word order and social language. Cognitive changes include attention, organization, memory, executive function (planning, organizing, executing a task) and time management. We provide a comprehensive look into your current communication and cognitive skills. During the evaluation, we will use a variety of assessments including client interview, family/caregiver interviews, language sample analysis and other test measures as indicated. With a collaborative approach, goals and an individualized, strengths-based therapy plan will be developed and implemented.

Individualized Speech and Language Therapy 

We offer individualized 1:1 speech and language therapy services to address a range of diagnoses and/or areas of needed support. We believe the best and only way to see true progress is from a space of respect, safety and a strong foundational connection/attunement between client and patient. Our goal is to always focus on patient goals, use the patient's strengths and interests in order to target any areas of concern.  

Dysphagia Evaluation 

Having difficulty swallowing? Swallow evaluations can be completed to assess anatomy and physiology of the swallowing mechanism; however, will need an outside instrumental evaluation (Modified Barium Swallow Study and/or Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing) to develop a treatment plan. This will require a doctor referral to a local speech language pathologist at a hospital or clinic with the adequate equipment. 

Dysphagia Treatment 

Once an instrumental evaluation is completed, a treatment plan can be developed. Utilizing techniques from Mcneil Dysphagia Therapy Protocol, swallowing treatment will look different for each client depending on the results of the instrumental evaluation and patient/family goals. 

Holistic Speech/Feeding Therapy & Parent Empowerment Coaching

Holistic Speech/Feeding Therapy & Parent Empowerment Coaching

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