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Craniosacral Fascial support for families & conscious parent coaching for families of neurodivergent kids

bringing healing, peace & joy to the family system

Supporting your family's nervous system through craniosacral fascial therapy. Supporting communication holistically through parent empowerment mindset work, authentic connection, nervous system regulation, nature, movement, sleep and nutrition.


"Megan is a devoted advocate for neurodivergent children and their families. Not only is she a skilled speech therapist, she looks at communication as just one part of a child's holistic health. Her compassion for stressed out parents is just one more way she's different from other more clinical speech therapy centers. I highly recommend you book a call to see how she can help you equip your child with what they need"

"Megan was able to make a strong and quick connection with my daughter. Her therapy is always catered to her interests and she really looks forward to her sessions with her. We truly have her to thank for all of the progress she has made!!"

"Megan identified my autistic son has a gestalt processor and has worked diligently with him in teaching us how to model language and catering his speech sessions to his way of learning and his interests. She is always in communication with us, giving us critical tips and tools to help his communication on a day to day basis. We are so grateful we found Megan and she has been able to work with us."

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Holistic Speech/Feeding Therapy & Parent Empowerment Coaching

Holistic Speech/Feeding Therapy & Parent Empowerment Coaching

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