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Therapy services can be provided in your home, a park or virtually in fremont, newark or union city. 


we are private pay only. We can provide a superbill for insurance reimbursement but highly recommend checking with insurance first.

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Raw Vegetables

Pediatric Offerings

We are now only offering packaged services as a consistent, intentionally focused and team based approach is the way to true transformation. 

Holistic Path to Communication Package

This package is designed to ensure intentionality in our time together and to do a deep dive into your child's history. We will work together to come up with a customized plan to support your family. It includes a total of 12 fifty minute sessions and is billed monthly or one bulk payment.


  • One 90 minute session for informal assessment, interview, observation 

  • 11 fifty minute 1:1 sessions always focused on authentic connection (sessions are customized to your families needs and can be focused on feeding, mealtime support, nervous system regulation, sleep, IEP support and more

  • Weekly family check-ins with at home assignments 

Remote Parent Consultation Calls 

90 minute comprehensive call to discuss history, speech and communication concerns. We will look into all areas that impact communication including nervous system regulation, attachment, diet/picky eating, total load, movement and more. The session aims to create a personalized plan for families to implement at home that addresses the family's needs from a holistic perspective, integrating various approaches to support their journey towards connection and communication.

Remote SLP Consultation Calls 

Are you a speech language pathologist feeling something is missing from the traditional medical model of speech therapy and need support navigating? This 60 minute call is for holistic minded speech language pathologists who are feeling stuck and burnt-out and have a sense there is something more we could be doing to support our families by taking a whole-child approach. Your needs will guide the call. 

Remote SLP Consultation Calls 

Start here with a discovery call:

Holistic Speech/Feeding Therapy & Parent Empowerment Coaching

Holistic Speech/Feeding Therapy & Parent Empowerment Coaching

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